Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fresh White Roses

It's in the details...

Unusual Work Area

My husband came home yesterday with this beautiful desk. He told me when he first found it, it needed some work so he had it painted a lacquered black which gives it a modern touch. Even though we have a n extra room that we use as a guest bedroom/office I decided to arrange the desk right behind the sofa. Since we're usually on our laptops while we lounge on the couch I thought this would be a perfect space for a work area. Since we might be relocating closer to the city (in order to be closer to our jobs) we'll probably have to move into a smaller space so the size of the desk makes it a transitional piece into our smaller space. Needles to say I'm a happy girl right now.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Working Girl Basics

I was lucky enough to land a job right after graduation, actually I had already been interning and the company I work for decided to keep me permanently. It worked out well, and the fact that it was my dream company to work for was the cherry on top. Shortly after I started working I realized there was a few basic pieces I was missing in my wardrobe. A pencil skirt, pumps, and a small handbag (in hopes of editing everything I tend to carry that I don't really need). All of these pieces in black make them timeless and classic. I use them for work and for weekends. My pencil skirt with a tank-top, the handbag without the strap and the pumps with boyfriend jeans instantly make them "weekend" items.