Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Staples

We officially booked our trip to Miami for next month so pretty soon we'll be enjoying the sun, beach and reuniting with friends and family. I'm extremely excited to be going down even if it's just for a few days. We haven't been down in over a year so it will definitely be nice to catch up with everyone, go to the beach, explore new restaurants and take a boat ride around Biscayne Bay.

As I quickly started planning out my outfits I realized I was missing a few key pieces for my Summer trip, however I think with these pieces I should be good to go!

  • white blouse to be paired with skinny jeans for the evening and shorts during the day.
  • a peplum top with lace sleeves for dinner with the girls.
  • a colorful playsuit for a lovely boat ride around the bay.
  • cat eye sunglasses (to be used everyday).
  • floral shorts for running around town and maybe even for a casual evening with heels.
  • red bathing suite because the beach is a must for this trip.
  • comfortable, neutral heels to be used during the day and in the evening.


Carly said...

Those heels are AWESOME! Love them!


morninglola said...

Thanks Carly!