Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Vanity Edition

One of my all time favorite places in our house to be at is my vanity. This is where all my "girly" tools are stored (e.g. make-up, nail polishes, perfume, jewelry, make-up brushes) and the one place in our house that is just for me. I spend a lot of time here getting ready, doing my make-up, hair and nails so that's why I decided to personalize it and truly make it my own with a couple of my favorite things. I usually have a candle burning, my latest magazines and pictures.

Jewelry storage (it's actually a serving tray but works great as a jewelry storage tray).

I keep my make-up brushes stored in these wine and champagne glasses. The wine glass stores brushes that I use for eye make-up including eyebrows and the champagne glass holds brushes for the face such as blush and foundation brushes.

This is truly the best part of my vanity: this huge drawer that stores my ever growing nail polish collection, make-up collection, hair blow-dryer, flat iron and all my other tricks of the trade to help me get dolled up!

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