Friday, September 7, 2012

9 Date-Night Essentials

It has been a very long time since I went on a "first date". My husband and I dated for 4.5 years and have now been married for two years, so it has been six and a half years to be exact. Even though we don't have a scheduled date night every week we do like to keep the tradition of going out on dates alive. There's just something special about getting dressed up and trying out a new restaurant, show or going to a concert that never really gets old.

So I compiled this short list of nine date-night essentials that I have found to be fail-proof, for a first-date or just you're regularly scheduled date-night. 

1. A fun heel. It can either be colorful or printed but it should definitely be eye-catching.

2. Something red. I chose a red nail polish because I think it's the ideal way to add that touch of red without over-doing it. I would not recommend red lipstick on a first date especially if you're going out to eat, so many things could go wrong here!

3. An over-sized clutch. You'll need it to hold all of your essentials.

4. Solid perfume. This is the easiest way to freshen up after dinner, especially if your heading to a movie afterwards. Solid perfume is so easy to apply and leaves a soft scent, that way it won't smell like you went into the bathroom to spray yourself down!

5. Wisp mini toothbrush. Not much explain needed here but ALWAYS make sure to clean those pretty whites' after dinner.

6. Bronzer. There's no better way to feel sexy than a fresh tan, bronzer is the closest thing to that (without the harmful effects). Brush a little where the sun would naturally hit you: over your forehead, nose, cheeks and under your jawbone.

7. Mini compact mirror. You'll be wanting to make sure everything is under control on your face so make sure slip a small mirror into your clutch.

8. Mascara. Pile it on. Apply about four coats making sure to allow each coat to slightly dry before you apply the next one. This is currently my personal favorite mascara. 

9. Light pink lipgloss. Definitely go for a neutral lip. You want your face to look and feel fresh and natural on your first date.

And lastly, enjoy your night!


Heba said...

nice selection. you really have a great blog :)

morninglola said...

@Heba Thank you so much!