Friday, October 26, 2012

Getting Cozy

With cooler temperatures moving in slowly, thin (but cozy) sweaters are my favorite thing to wear around this time of year. Unfortunately these temperatures sometimes bring out the monotone, dark and bland colors out of the closet. But recently I've been drawn to fun sweaters with bold and unique patterns rather than just solid colors or stripes. A few of  these are in my price range others are just a dream but they are all my current favorites!

Are you guys feeling these graphic sweaters or do you prefer sticking to solid colors?

1. A Sweater
2. 1991 Sweater
3. Frenchie Sweater
4. Elephant print Sweater
5. Pardon my French Sweater
6. Ka-pow comic print Sweater


Anonymous said...

love this post. im definately looking forward to strutting the oversized sweater look

Fashion Blawger said...

Making space for #3 & #5 in my closet now! :D
I can't stop imagining any of these with a wide pleated mini or a pencil leather skirt!

A Preponderance of Fashion

Yellow Blog [design] said...

Love the elephant print one!

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