Monday, July 9, 2012

The Secrets of Red Lips

I have to admit perfecting the red lip "look" is not an easy task. It takes practice and a little research. Numerous friends have asked how I manage to make my red lipstick last all night without smearing so I'm sharing a few tricks I've picked up a while ago. Hope they help you guys!

Step 1. Always moisturize your lips with balm or even by exfoliating before apply anything else on your lips.

Step 2. Apply a dab of concealer all over lips.

Step 3. Apply a matching red lip liner, this way your lipstick won't smear.

Step 4. Make sure to apply the lip liner all over the lips, this as well as the concealer will lock in your lipstick.

Step 5. The funnest part, apply lipstick over your lipliner.

Step 6. Apply translucent loose powder around the rim of your lips. This helps to seal on the color so that it won't smear throughout the night. 

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