Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All White Wimbledon Customs

two shades of white

Royal Patronage, strawberries and cream and the all white-dress code are just a few of the long cemented customs of the Wimbledon tennis matches. However after watching the matches these past few weeks what caught my eye, besides the game of course, were the white ensembles on all the players, girls and guys, alike. And since white is one of my favorite colors I was inspired to curate a few pictures inspired by the all-white dress code. 

Hope you guys enjoy! 

All-white pool/beach cover up with a colorful statement ring

white lace top with a touch of peach

inverted white tuxedo blazer

white blazer with simple gold accessories

images via here and here

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Anonymous said...

I got to say I absolutely love this post. From the inspiring-cultured allegorical creative to the mere origination of the charming white, denim and silver coordinates. Such fine muse and exquisite savor lives me no other alternative but to love and admire your work. Bravo!

P.S. Won't be too far. Keep it up!